Introducing Hussain and Babul.

With over 60 years worth of family recipes passed down to us; we know a thing or two about curry. Dada-bai (aka Grandpa Miah) unknowingly set things in motion in 1955 when he left Sylhet, Bangladesh and came to the UK to peruse his dream of opening a restaurant and to bring a piece of his beloved culture to England. Specifically to the Wirral, as he’d fallen in love with this little peninsula. His wife, Dadu-Muni (aka Grandma Miah), became the Wirral’s first female Bengali restaurant chef in the early ’70s. Together husband and wife created something special and they passed that passion for food to their children and their children’s children. Bringing us to the present day. Inspired by our families resilience, we’ve kept Dada-bai’s dream going, incorporating our chef’s passion and our team’s dedication. This is our take on it.


Jan Carra Hughes

"Excellent service and food.....not expensive either. Love this restaurant and would definitely recommend it. Can’t wait for our next visit."

Ann Williams

"Never had a bad meal in this place, the staff are always very nice and the drinks are very reasonable would definitely recommend"

Nick Ellis

"Very stylish place, extremely good food and the Tempranillo wine at £10.95 a bottle complements the spices perfectly."

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